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Vehicle Donation Program

Park Lawn is excited to announce it’s partnership with Seguin Services, a non-profit organization serving individuals with disabilities and special needs. A vehicle donation program has been established between both organizations for individuals who wish to make a tax-deductible, gift in kind donation of their automobile, boat, motorcycle or RV and who want to support people with developmental disabilities.

The advantages of donating your used vehicle are many. Park Lawn accepts all donations even if the vehicle is not operational. Donations are accepted from outside the Chicagoland area and donor does not incur towing expenses. Your tax-deductible gift in kind donation helps individuals with developmental disabilities at Park Lawn and the program is registered with the State of Illinois.

Vehicles donated to Park Lawn are cleaned, detailed and sold at Seguin Services Auto Center. Upon the sale of the vehicle, proceeds are distributed. Park Lawn will receive 80% with Seguin Services receiving 20%. The money is used to support programs for individuals with developmental disabilities at both organizations.

For more information or to donate your used vehicle, please call Park Lawn at
708-425-6867 or email with the following information:

City, State, Zip

Year, Make and Model of vehicle


Does the vehicle run and drive as is? If not, please explain

Do you have the title? If not, please explain

Any special instructions: