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Workshop Services

The Vocational Training Program provides work from local and national companies. Our workers perform a variety of tasks such as packaging, polybaging, point of purchase display assembly, collating and sorting. We conform to all requirements of the Department of Labor and meet the accreditation requirements of the State of Illinois and national standards. We capitalize on our participants' strengths while challenging them to increase their vocational abilities. Our goal for every person is to successfully transition to community based employment.

Population Served:
Persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities

Admission requirements:
• Have an intellectual and/or developmental disability
• Be at least 18 years of age
• Submit the required referral information
• Be a resident of the Southwest Chicago or South Suburban area
• Be eligible to receive Medicaid assistance
• Be able to profit from enrollment in our program
• Participate in an evaluation which will include functional assessments and vocational evaluation

Costs of Services:
If you are enrolled in a Waiver Program which funds Day services, no fees are required to obtain these services. All participation fees are paid by the Department of Human Services on your behalf.

If you do not yet receive funding support through a benefit program, our private pay program is available for your use. Please speak with our Intake Manager to discuss current private pay rates.

Referral Sources:
We receive referral information from Pre Admission Screening (PAS) Agencies across the Metropolitan Chicago area.

For more program information contact Kathie Kelly, Sales Manager at 708-425-7377 ext. 237 or email request to Inquiries regarding placement information should be directed to Debra Lechuga, Intake Coordinator @ 708-425-7377 ext. 226 or