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GRACE Program

GRACE Program


We believe that the need for active treatment continues throughout the many phases of each individual’s life. While the scope of this programming may vary, our fundamental educational principles remain the basis for service. Within this framework we believe that day programming opportunities must be provided for our aging population which emphasizes socialization, meaningful activity at an appropriate intensity level and on-going validation and respect for the unique gifts and talents that our elder participants provide to our organization.


Our values for this program emphasize:



Individuals currently enrolled in workshop programming whose medical condition or advanced age make attendance in the vocational setting inappropriate.


The GRACE program is located at two of Park Lawn's day programs. This helps seniors keep the familiarity of surroundings, staff and their peers and promotes aging in place. Additionally, for those who are interested, it provides the opportunity for seniors to continue working, on a part-time basis. The seniors spend most of their day in their newly redecorated room that is modeled after a comfortable living area. Designed with an activity area, reading nook and conversation area, the room lends itself to a peaceful and relaxed setting.

We believe in adapting services to meet the needs of individuals. Activities are offered that are both stimulating and relaxing. Our senior program functions at a slower pace than our everyday programming. The seniors schedule is filled with activities to enhance wellness and bolster activities of daily living skills. We strive to provide various opportunities and experiences. Music therapy, leisure skills, exercise, social skills, memory activities, arts and crafts, nutrition, sign language, sensory stimulation, spa day, and daily orientation, are just a few activities that seniors participate in during the month. The seniors also benefit from community outings to destinations such as the library, various coffee houses, restaurants, as well as going on nature walks and visiting friends. Additionally, the seniors actively participate in service projects throughout the year. For example, they might make centerpieces for a function or send cards to the sick. We strive to provide our seniors with safe, comfortable surroundings and enjoyable and meaningful activities.