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Dean Reidy

Dean Reidy


Dean and his family have been involved with Park Lawn since 2001. Their sister Meghan became affiliated with Park Lawn’s vocational services. Dean and his family have the upmost respect for Park Lawn and all help and assistance they give to individuals.

Dean received his Bachelor’s Degree from John Carroll University. He received his Masters in Business from St. Xavier University. Dean is the President of Chicago Jack, a hydraulic manufacturer in the Chicago land area.

Dean had the privilege to complete his community service from Marist High School at Park Lawn. This opportunity had an everlasting effect on Dean. When his sister became involved with Park Lawn shortly after his service, he knew that she would be involved with a wonderful organization. Dean knew that Meghan would be affiliated with an organization that would help her reach her highest potential.

In 2006, Dean and his family created the Sis Foundation, which helps benefit Park Lawn. Every year the Sis Foundation organizes a charitable event, which raises money for Park Lawn and its individuals. Over the last eight years the Sis Foundation raised over $100,000. Dean feels obligated to give back to such a worthy organization, such as Park Lawn.