• Learn about the programs and services Park Lawn offers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Park Lawn provides various levels of programming which includes Adult Developmental Training (ADT), vocational training and functional programming.

  • Park Lawn is committed to providing quality services to businesses.

  • The program provides 102 participants at Park Lawn’s vocational services location with a vast array of social experiences which creates the potential for growth and learning. It provides an opportunity for all participants to be active in the community, volunteer and be employed.

  • The Supported Employment Program (SEP) provides mutual benefits to businesses and individuals.

  • The program helps students and their families move from special education to adult services.

  • Karen Meyer and ABC 7 Chicago learned about our Enrichment Program.

  • Families become more empowered and are able to better advocate for their family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the Building Bridges to the Future Program.