Residential Services

Park Lawn provides several residential environments for adults. Each is attuned to the individual needs and capabilities of the residents. All are given the opportunity to exercise choice, access mainstream community life, and to share in overall household duties. If you are interested in adding your name to our waiting list for 24 hour residential placement, please contact Frank Portada, Director of Program Services at 708-425-7377.

Park Lawn Center

Park Lawn Center_smaller

Park Lawn Center in Alsip is home to forty residents with profound cognitive and complex physical disabilities. This intermediate care facility provides twenty-four hour supervision and medical services. Residents make choices within their living environment and plan social, recreational, and community activities with staff assistance. For more program information contact Amy Pitt, Program Manager at 708-396-1117 ext. 226 or email request to Inquiries regarding placement information should be directed to Sharon Butterfield, MSW, at 708-425-7377 ext. 232.

Park Lawn Homes

Fifteen people reside at Park Lawn Homes in Alsip. Residents share a sense of ownership through their participation in making household decisions and performing household duties including meal planning and preparation, shopping, laundry and upkeep of their rooms. They also plan a full calendar of recreational and social activities. For more program information contact Bonnie Willett, RLM/QHSP at 708-385-1982 or email request to Inquiries regarding placement information should be directed to Sharon Butterfield, MSW, at 708-425-7377 ext 232.

Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)

Five to six residents live in each of the eight Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) owned and operated by Park Lawn. These single family homes located in Worth, Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Chicago Ridge(2) and Tinley Park(3) provide the greatest opportunity for independent living. With staff guidance, residents make decisions regarding the running of their household. They plan and prepare meals, clean and upkeep the property, and help prepare the budget for the household. CILA also oversees one individual in an intermittent arrangement. Such individuals receive part time support services while residing in their natural family home. For more program information contact Kim Phelps, CILA Coordinator at 708-425-7377 ext. 242 or email request to Inquiries regarding placement information should be directed to Sharon Butterfield, MSW, at 708-425-7377 ext 232.

Angel Fund

Angel Fund

The Angel Fund at Park Lawn exists to provide clothing, Braille books, wheelchairs and more for Park Lawn residents with little to no family involvement. It began in 1994 by Park Lawn Residential Services Director Ellie Crumback. Since that time hundreds of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have benefit from the generosity of supporting angels. No request has ever been turned away. It was originally planned to only be a holiday program so each resident receives a gift to open on Christmas morning. However, due to the rise in aging individuals with special needs that have little to no family, the Angel Program will accept all donations year round. This will ensure that these residents receive clothing for all seasons, new books and the necessities in life that occur throughout the year. If it were not for the Angel Fund, some of those who benefit might be homeless, scared and alone with no resources on how to overcome their disabilities. This program follows Park Lawn’s mission to provide services that promote independence, choice and access to community living. Please contact Amy Pitt at (708) 396-1117 if you are interested in giving a gift or monetary donation to Park Lawn Association on behalf of the Angel Fund.