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Dr. Cheryl Luczak

Dr. Cheryl Luczak

Dr. Cheryl Luczak is the Founding Director of Saint Xavier University’s Center for Service Excellence and Professor of Marketing in the Graham School of Management at Saint Xavier University. Dr. Luczak graduated from Northern Illinois University, in 1988, with a B.S. in Finance. She went on to earn an MBA in Marketing from Northeastern Illinois University and a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Luczak has spent over 15 years in marketing and sales in various industrial sectors including scrap metal and steel refining. She actively consults in the areas of market strategy, value delivery and collaboration and service leadership. Dr. Luczak has won several “Distinguished Research Awards” and her work has appeared in various scholarly outlets including the Academy of Marketing Studies Journal and the Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal.

Dr. Luczak’s commitment to serving others aligns with Saint Xavier University’s core values of respect, excellence, compassion, service, hospitality, integrity, diversity and learning for life. Leading her service initiatives was the establishment of the Saint Xavier Graham School of Management’s Center for Service Excellence, established in the fall of 2009. The Center serves as a leading source for students, alumni and the business community as they pursue service excellence through innovative community workshops, student consulting` projects and hands on experience in the business arena. As Director of the Center for Service Excellence, Dr. Luczak also established a partnership with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which has resulted in a series of mentor workshops in which high school students are mentored by business students from the Graham School of Management. She also currently serves as a Senator for the University Senate of Saint Xavier and was recently appointed to serve on the finance committee of Saint Xavier University’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Luczak is a member of Saint Edna’s Catholic Church and has served a catechist for the Arch-diocese of Chicago teaching preparatory classes for the Sacrament of Confirmation into the Catholic Church. The Luczak family resides in Arlington Heights. Cheryl has been happily married to her husband, Brian, for 22 years and they have two beautiful daughters in high school.
Dr. Luczak believes strongly in the mission of Park Lawn and looks forward to assisting Park Lawn in continuing the success it has found in servicing others.